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Explorer not working
I get an Oculus error 'something went wrong" and thrown back to the Oculus dashboard when I try to start explorer on quest, so far have not been able to try it
Hi Scott,
Can you create a support ticket for us at

Meanwhile I’ve looked into that error message and it sounds like a low level oculus issue, that people have found multiple reasons and fixes for. We’re seeing your Play telemetry from a few days ago so know your internet is working, but not even a crash report from Explorer so it does appear to be happening before our game runs.

Did Explorer get as far as asking for any permissions?
Can you try uninstalling then reinstalling Explorer and trying again? Also can you confirm that Play still works as of today?
Actually it looks like your problem is that you haven't accepted the invite for Explorer or installed that. Play allows you to launch it if it has been installed, but crashes out if you don't. I'm looking into how to detect that and give better feedback. And Jason is responding on support to followup on your Explorer invite.

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