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New game idea - for training both the body and mind
I suggested something like this to VirZoom and they seemed interested, but they want to see if it generates interest in the forum.

The idea is to modify 'Keep Flying' to incorporate a quiz, so that you'd build your knowledge at the same time as your muscles. Call it "Keep Learning" perhaps.

It's basically the same as 'Keep Flying' but each apple/gem has a quiz question hovering above it which becomes visible when you get near enough for it to be readable - some have correct answers and some have incorrect ones. The default quiz topic might be maths - so some apples would have questions like 6x7=42 (which is correct), and some would have incorrect ones - e.g. 6x7=40.

Most of the time, you'd be able to read between 5 and 10 quiz questions above apples/gems that are ahead of you. You'll be reading them ahead of time and deciding which ones are worth going for. If you collect a 'correct' apple then your blue energy bar increases. If it was wrong then you don't get any boost but it does briefly flash up with the correct answer - you've wasted a bit of time but you've learnt something, and the game will make sure you get a chance to use that knowledge asap. 

The game would have a list of questions of increasing difficulty. But it would track which questions you clearly were confident on during previous attempts, and just skip over the majority of them. So on your first go you might get through maybe 50 questions, but after a few days you'll end up making it as far as question 100 or 200 etc, and that gives you a visible measure of your progress.

The default list would be maths questions, but you could go on your VirZoom account and you can upload a list of stuff you personally want to learn (questions with right answers, and some wrong answers for each one) and it would test you on that instead. Maybe you'd upload some vocab for a language you are learning, or something you need to learn for your job, or something you are studying. People could share lists on the forums - for example trivia/pub-quiz, history, science, finance, medicine etc, or you could add anagram questions, dingbats, brainteasers, logic puzzles or whatever you like.

You won't be able to cheat much by adding a list of trivial questions like "does 1=1?" because if you don't make a plausible number of mistakes on questions that you haven't been presented with before, then the game will start adding questions from the default list until you do.

So basically it's a game where you would painlessly learn things that matter to you - e.g. that will will help your career, job or studies - all whilst you get fit playing a VR video game.  Smile

I originally thought the best game to add this concept to was jailbreak, but I've been really impressed with Keep Flying (TBH it could be achieved in winterstan or river River Run too)
I like this idea. One of the things I always struggle with during exercise is keeping my mind engaged.... which is exactly the problem Virzoom solves. So I'm in favor of anything that adds some variety and a mental challenge.
Yeah exactly. Some of the games require your full attention most of the time (jailbreak and keep flying) and some only intermittently (winterstan and River run) or even rarely (Cali, explorer). So the idea is to try and hit 100% continuous mental engagement so you don't have time to think about the fact you're exercising.

If anyone else would want this please say so, because I think VirZoom are likely to implement it only if they can see that it's of interest.
The idea of using right/wrong statements to direct your motion goals could be fun for players wanting their brains maximally engaged!

Note the base way VirZOOM keeps your brain occupied is somewhat subconscious: by connecting your pedaling and leaning to move through virtual worlds. The resultant immersiveness and empowerment you feel is why we have focused on VR and made an accurate speed sensor.

On top of that we like layering mental and hand-eye gymnastics. But we do it different degrees across our games to suit a wide variety of users, as you've noticed. We do the same thing with VR excitement levels and exercise intervals.
Ok... I've just had an idea regarding this. As y'all may know I've been deep into Unity lately and prototyping some things.

Anyway, I'm picturing a game with essentially a procedurally generated path, which has forks in the road every so often.

A bit before you hit the fork in the road you're presented with a trivia question, math question, whatever.

Possible answers are displayed above the forks. You have to drive down the fork which corresponds to the correct answer to earn points. If you get the right answer you get points (and maybe a speed boost or something?), if you choose wrong you lose points, and maybe get a speed penalty or have to complete a task (like maintaining a certain speed for X seconds) as a punishment.

Anywayyyyyyy, I'm putting this on my to do list.

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