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VZfit Play update feedback
Yes you can play Winterstan head-to-head in VZfit, but it's a bit different than VirZOOM Arcade. Just enter with the "Vs Battle" button instead of one of the solo time periods.

The difference is that it's two-player only, and they are synced up when the 2nd player joins to start an actual scored match, with a winner shown afterward and a "win" logged to your Also you can talk to each other in VZfit, unless either of you has disabled the Voice Chat option.
Is it too early to feel nostalgic, playing Winterstan again? Either way, I'm glad to see it back. It's a slightly different experience, now that the enemies are spawning in waves, and actively hunting down the player as soon as they spawn, but I think I like it that way.

I do keep running out of ammo though, and that's a challenge I had with the VZ Arcade version, too. It can be hard to find the ammo boxes in the first place, as sometimes the only ones spawned in will be too far away to even see the light beams... But, that didn't stop me from just barely getting a three-star score, anyways (in 30 minute mode).

I do suspect that it might be more effective to just let the tanks kill me and restart the wave if I run out of ammo, since all I'd lose is my score multiplier... and that multiplier doesn't do much good if I'm going minutes at a time without being able to shoot at anything, right? But that's kind of counter-intuitive, so I'm going to go propose a couple possible solutions in the feedback thread..
Just played Winterstarn on my quest. I was quite pleased.
So nice to have it back!
Noticed couple of glitches:
1. Diamonds are too high from the ground for the tank . Almost always miss one or two or more and then you cannot get 100 bonus points
2. Distortions of the environment at the edges of the game area
(06-17-2019, 09:36 PM)Superlith Wrote: Just played Winterstarn on my quest.  I was quite pleased.
So nice to have it back!
Noticed couple of glitches:
1.  Diamonds are too high from the ground  for the tank .  Almost always miss one or two or more and then you cannot get  100 bonus points
2.  Distortions of the  environment  at the edges of the game area

I had a similar issue w/Diamonds.  A portion of the diamond trail passed over a rock formation that I could not traverse. I also find running out of an ammo and issue in this version.  Guess I'll need to be more strategic!
Noticed this also last night. Seems to happen when the tank dips down into a valley and the diamonds remain at a level that is then above the tank.
Still don’t get bonus gems to convert to ammo in Winterstan . When I check in oculus library there are no updates, it says that you are up to date. Tried to restart Oculus, still no updates showing up. How to update? How do I know what is my version
Updates there now. Like the ammo reloads vs gems. Also like idea of extra bonus ammo is you get all ammo reloads.
OK, I’ll check

I have VZFIT synchronized with my Fitbit. Something is not going through properly. I can see my exercises with heart rate and calories and miles from Virzoom , But I don’t see any of that counted towards active minutes. It used to be that it counts for active minutes every time I exercise on Virzoom . Something needs to be fixed.
We’re including minutes played along with those other things, but maybe the Fitbit api needs an update. Will check
It’s synchronized today. It gives me active minutes as well as the distance and time with cardio and fat burn. All the necessary parameters included now.
I disconnected and reconnected yesterday. Maybe that fixed or maybe you guys already fixed it.
Anyway, thank you!

I wear Fitbit every day, it is very useful to add active minutes when VZfit counts.
Did you try to contact Apple. Apple Watch has certain applications than synchronize activities. That would be also useful.
Now I have to wear both Apple Watch and Fitbit to track my activity.

Played with Eric Winterstan had to head battle today. It was a lot of fun. One thing we noticed that there are not enough AI tanks to create enough shields and other enhancements.
Definitely need to put more artificial intelligence tanks so we can use them.

By the way later I did Laster another 45 minutes of Giant Mech versus artificial intelligence in the Winterstan. Game is so smooth! No glitches. Environment absolutely gorgeous and to really engaging game with tanks coming from all directions. I think it is well Tuned now!
This time I enjoyef it better than old Virzoom Winterstan. It is hard to believe that all it is running just on quest headset. I had to buy $2700 virtual reality capable computer two years ago to run it. Video card alone was $1200.

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