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Prototype game - CycleTrivia - Stain2319 - 03-20-2021

Been messing around with the SDK again this past week or two... A long time ago someone mentioned they wouldn't mind a game where you ride and answer trivia questions.  This is what you might call a first draft... Smile

Basically an infinite runner where you just ride as long as you want/can, and answer questions along the way.

Obviously needs a lot of polish but the core mechanics are pretty much there.

RE: Prototype game - CycleTrivia - justkelly - 03-25-2021


RE: Prototype game - CycleTrivia - Stain2319 - 04-09-2021

This may be my last chance, if anyone is interested in this or future prototypes I would be glad to share. Follow me on YouTube and I'm also planning on hanging out on the discord channel.