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Best Bike Match for VZFit Explorer - dmac37 - 01-07-2021

I'm still using an Oculus GO and my recumbent bike broke down so I'm currently using a cheap stationary bike until I get a new recumbent. My plan is to upgrade to the Quest 2 as it sounds like the Go will become obsolete. 

I was planning on looking for a good used recumbent bike not worrying about what kind of display it has or if it even works with me always using a VR headset. Is there a certain type of bike / system that will pair well VZ that will improve on the experience. I have no idea what options are out there or what might be coming from VZ in the future.

Is there a way to have the ride simulate elevation increase/decreases or any other features. Trying to decide if I should just invest in a very basic bike or should I look for a bike with features that will enhance my experience.