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Manage your rides on - emalafeew - 10-13-2020

The first version of our ride management page is now up at

You can get to it from the new Ride menu option, which also contains the "Upload KML" and "Review Snapshots" options.

From this page you can sort and filter all the shared rides in lots of ways, and check them to appear in your Favorites tab in game.

You can (and should!) also rate rides you've completed.  The Popular tab is now generated from these ratings, which were hand-seeded to begin with.  

The behavior of the map window takes a little explaining, and may yet change as we settle on the best interface.  Each ride has a marker, containing a "place" label based on how far from the center of the map it is.  If you click on a marker, or the place label in the ride list, the map will recenter, update all place labels, and resort the ride list on place.

We'll be listening to feedback here, and once this interface is in a good place we'll try to replicate it in-headset as well.