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What happened to the usage tab? - billydwolf - 10-10-2020

I thought it was a nice feature and used it to keep tabs of my daily spins.  

[If it is right in front of me and I don't see it, sorry.   Would not be the first time.]

Never mind, I found it [as predicted] - apologies

RE: What happened to the usage tab? - emalafeew - 10-11-2020

Sorry, that change was pushed out early without explanation, along with a different server fix we needed to make.

For everyone's benefit, the "detailed usage" link now comes after your name on vzfit.com/stats rather than it's own menu option. It only appears on your own stats not other players'.

We replaced it on the menu with a "rides" link to access the upcoming "manage rides" page, upload rides from kml, and view your snapshots.

The "manage rides" page btw is coming along nicely and will be a great way to find rides a variety of ways, rate rides you've completed, and manage your created rides.