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VRFS: Great Dolomites Road - Italy - Snowpelt - 08-20-2020


This breathtaking tour through the mountains of northeastern Italy offers an unparalleled cycling experience.  This route travels through several peaks and transitions from grass to snow, as you ride. Be ready for a lot of varying terrain, with many climbs and descents, with very little flat!

RE: VRFS: Great Dolomites Road - Italy - Shon_T - 08-20-2020

I loved, loved, LOVED this ride. "Breathtaking" is an understatement. Every moment of this ride from start to finish is an experience to be treasured. While I did experience a few challenges due to steep ascents and hairpin switchbacks and turns... The consistency of the spectacular riding scenery made it easy to overlook these minor and infrequent issues. I highly recommend this ride.