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Hand controller - bakerfamtn - 05-20-2020

I am unable to sync to the hand controller. I can get the oculus app to find the controller but when I click on it, the app says “something went wrong please try again”. Help please

RE: Hand controller - emalafeew - 05-20-2020

It looks like you have a VZ Sensor Kit so are we talking about the thumb button? If you are having trouble pairing it as a gamepad with the Oculus phone app, try pairing it within your headset from Settings->Experimental->Bluetooth->Pair

RE: Hand controller - jwarburg - 05-20-2020

I am sorry that you are having difficulty with pairing. Oculus appears to have made a change to their app recently that is causing this problem.

When you see the "Something went wrong" message the button is actually paired and if you put on the headset it will ask you to confirm that you want to pair to the device.

Confirm that in the headset and then it should be working well. Please give that a try and let me know if it works for you.

Alternatively, you could pair it directly in the headset as Eric said. Put the headset on and go to Settings > See All > Experimental Features > Bluetooth Pairing > Pair (on the right side)

This will scan for devices directly from the headset instead of using your phone as a facilitator. The only problem is that you may not see the name of the device. It may look like a hardware address. But give it a try and see if it shows up that way.

RE: Hand controller - bakerfamtn - 05-21-2020

Thank you for the responses. My headset shows it is connected to the thumb button but I can’t get the buttons to work?? I’m having to use the normal oculus hand controller. Could I have a bad thumb button controller??