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Membership needs update? - ralexgolden - 03-21-2020

Membership needs update? I cannot use the app with my bike. I am confused...

RE: Membership needs update? - ralexgolden - 03-21-2020

Wow. What a pay wall.

RE: Membership needs update? - Stain2319 - 03-22-2020

More information would probably be helpful. Do you have the original Virzoom bike, or the VZfit sensor?

RE: Membership needs update? - emalafeew - 03-22-2020

Hi ralexgolden,

You should always be able to play VZfit Play and Explorer without paying, but you will get our free membership which includes one rotating game or ride, and only short demos of the other games and rides.

You need a Premium membership to play all the games or rides at any time. We do require you to try that free for a week, during which you can cancel at any time to go to a free membership after that week.

If the games are saying "Membership needs update" and you can't get past, please contact and we'll figure out the problem!