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RE: Tell us about yourself - Gary050264a - 03-01-2021

Good morning 

New Home user from Grimsby in UK, well will be when I get the bike together it has just turned up at my office. So looking forward to putting it together tonight and hopefully get a few miles in.  Smile

RE: Tell us about yourself - jwudgy - 03-24-2021

Cool Old guy (75) in northern Wisconsin, USA. Enjoy riding my e-bike (BH Easymotion Evo Snow 29) when weather permits.  Wanted to ride when weather doesn't. Wife bought a stationery bike to get her through the Covid winter and I looked for a VR program to use with my Oculus Quest-2.  Hence the VZFit system. So far, so good.  Some questions, but I'll iron them out with you guys.